Hello I'm Dawn, I am a complementary therapist and reiki master/teacher and am interested in all things spiritual. My interest in the spiritual world began in my 20’s.  I enjoyed going for palm readings but this later progressed to tarot card and clairvoyant readings.  I loved the anticipation of what was going to be guidance for my future.  I have had many tarot readings over the years and been advised by many readers that I should be doing spiritual work.  At the time I couldn’t understand in which field this would apply to me but the feeling never left me and I knew in time I would find the right path for me. 


Later in life I became a complementary therapist but still felt that there was something else I should be doing alongside this.  I was drawn towards healing and began to study Seichem Reiki with a Reiki Master/Teacher.  This helped with my personal growth and my soul journey. You could say “this is where it all began”.  Over a number of years, I progressed through the Reiki degrees to become a Reiki Master/Teacher and begun to teach students this amazing Japanese art of healing and personal evolution.  During this period of time my intuition increased and I began to receive messages from the higher realms.

After spending a large period of my working life doing jobs that I found unfulfilling I started to question why my “life” journey wasn’t quite as I had imagined.  I had put in hours to learn therapies and healing and begun meditating, and although these were of great benefit to me and things I enjoyed doing I felt something was missing.  That was when I realised it wasn’t something external that needed changing but a behaviour within me internally that needed to be recognised and released.   I started working on self-healing at a deeper level.  This was something that required time to complete.  It was not going to be an overnight fix and I knew it would take as long as it needed to for me to complete my own healing and self-discovery.  Some of the things I unearthed during this period were a surprise to me as they were what I considered to be small things but they were having a negative impact on how I saw myself. I could see that some of my own beliefs were holding me back and that in order to progress and live the life I wanted I had needed to “let go of old habits” and do some releasing work. 

Whilst meditating I began to receive messages and guidance from the spiritual world.  Some of my messages are also received in my dreams, assistance is given to me from my guides and with their help I am able to interpret dreams. My interest in dream interpretation began with me helping friends to decipher their dreams.  This involves communicating with the higher realms through channelling and being provided with your message.

If you would like guidance on your spiritual path I would love to accompany you on your journey.

Love & Light