Spiritual Guidance and Dream Interpretation


Have you had a dream you would like some clarity on?

Or do you require some spiritual guidance to a question or situation?

I may be able to help you by providing you with a message from the Angelic Realm.  My guidance and messages can provide peace of mind and help you to make your own decisions as well as advise you of the options available to you.


I can provide insight but not predictions.  


Please phrase your question well and for dream interpretations please provide as much detail as possible.   

Emailed Dream Interpretation £10.00

Emailed Spiritual Guidance and Oracle Card Reading £20.00

All readings require payment in advance by BACS details will be sent to you on receipt of your email request.


All readings are for the period of time at which they are given.  Your life path may change depending on the action you choose to take.

Image by Jaime Handley